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1908 House exclusively uses Andy's Bar for our bar service. Ran through the 1908 House. Andy's Bar provides a full bar and a minimum of two staff members for your event. Please contact Niki Naastad for further details. 

**No outside alcohol can be brought in. No alcohol may be consumed in parking designations. No Alcohol can be provided, or served, to minors.**

Anna Huso Photography_edited.jpg

1908 House highly recommends Anna Huso photography. Anna captures your wedding day in the most beautiful and elegant way possible.



1908 House provides a refrigerator, counter space, and electricity for use. The Bride & Groom can choose the caterer.

**Renter assumes all liability in their choice to use the above equipment and also for serving and providing any food on site.**

Meet Our Vendors


Sound and Lighting
(An additional $2,500)

1908 house has an exclusive contract with Paradise Productions. We help you play any music intended to be played or sung during the ceremony. We supply setup and teardown of our sound and lighting equipment. This package comes with cordless and corded microphones with stands. We also provide prerecorded music for the social hour/reception. There is also some nice DJ party lighting. We also help you plan your events music timeline. A live band is also an option that is offered. Any other questions about the music during your event please contact Paradise Productions.

Dietrich Bus_edited.jpg

1908 House highly recommends Dietrich Bus Service in Grand Forks.  

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